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Some people where exited about the new print on BL, so a Lolita from one of the communities I’m part of, went to see it (She resides currently in Tokio, Japan)

Here’s the translation (I made it, sorry if It’s not properly)

"I brought a little review for the BL Jsk (code: L529). Yesterday I went to BL store, just excited to see it, because I really liked it, but it was just dissapointed to see.

- The fabric was slightly glossy, not the elegant brightness that looks nice in the clothes, the glossy was just not good quality. 
-It was thin and floppy, not like the typical cotton fabric from BL that gives you a hard form and good resistence with the dresses.
- I has several threads out in the waist part 
- The cardigan was like Chiffon, this one was really nice and cute, I didn’t see anything bad about it

THE WORSE: The print! was blurry and fuzzy, from a distant look it doesn’t distinguish but close you can see spots (Like pixels really big), like it was a low quiality image print in a bigger size of its.

In conclussions if it cost lest It wouldn’t be a problem to pay for, but pay that amount for that type of quality it just not right, at least in my personal opinnion, and look I’m a big fan of BL and I own lots of it. 

I’m not saying “don’t buy it” or “it’s the worse dress in the world”, but I let you at least to know what are you going to buy if you’re attemp to” ~ Cookie in wonderland


In my fairiest opinnion, I was pretty delightful about the dress, it’s a shame that sometimes when you buy something the img doesn’t look like the one you bought

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